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Healthcare Technology Management 
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Do we need a National, chapter-based Organization?

I’ve been in the Biomedical, now HTM, field for 42 years.  I’ve been leading one organization or another for most of those years, since 1980.  I have a few observations about the current state of organization of our profession.

We have a lot of very good biomedical associations in most states.  They all operate a little differently, but all offer some sort of networking, education, and newsletter and/or website. One thing they are all lacking is the national presence to make major changes that affect our entire industry.  I have compiled 10 reasons why I believe that we need a national HTM organization, one that is chapter-based so that the local and state associations can become one, under a national umbrella and flex our collective muscle instead of just gripe about things.

CLICKHERE  to download the AHA letter that tellsing hyou can help now! 

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