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2018 Annual Conference Place and Date set

The 2018 ANNUAL CONFERENCE will be at the same location - the SCHA Conference center in Columbia, SC - and be held on Friday, May 4.  Please mark your calendars.

Exhibitor Registration will be open on January 8 to all 2017 Exhibitors, January 22 to all Corporate Members of HTMA-SC, and February 5 to all others.  Exhibitor costs are expected to remain the same as last year - $340 for HTMA-SC members and $425 for non-members, still lower than the 2015 cost!

2018 Exhibitor Information.doc

Speaker informatin packet 2018.docx


Updated file - 9-1-2017 - Spreadsheet of the average purchase price of over 1700 medical devices.  Use this list to fill the blank parts of your inventory so that you can calculate your COSR.  
On the DOWNLOAD - Members Only Page.

FDA Bill 2118 and the marked-up FDA 21CFR 360

This bill is before the US House to regulate ISOs (but not in-house servicers).  Please download it and read it and draw your own conclusions.

The Bill

Registration Section - Marked Up

Records Section - Marked Up.

New files added for Free Download  12/11/16

Several new files have been added to the DOWNLOADS page.  They are powerpoints of presentations that were given recently.  Topics include a review of the recent FDA Workshop focussing on the potential regulation of third party servicers, and Increasing the Credibility of the HTM Department.


How to meet the CMS requirement for extension cords and Power Strips - a downloadable powerpoint file in our Member's Only section.  Join now for free and look for 


New Downloadable file added - 6/25/14

We have added a spreadsheet for you to download.  It is the average of the prices paid for medical equipment.  If your inventory is missing this important information, you can use this list to populate your inventory and know the value of your inventory.  If you are a member, go to DOWNLOADS - MEMBERS and look for CostofMedicalEquipment1A.xlsx

More info here:

Biomeds Without Borders

A new organization has been started to collect surplus biomedical test equipment, tools and maintenance supplies for Biomeds in third world countries.  Please visit to
find out how to participate.

A new opportunity for BMETs -
visit the BMET Donation website to see what it is about (and to participate).

SCBA changes its name to HTMA-SC

Mar 26, 2012

The SCBA (South Carolina Biomedical Association) members have voted to change the name of

the organization to HTMA-SC (Healthcare Technology Management Association of South Carolina). 

This is the first professional association to adopt the new name of the profession which was

selected (recommended) at a meeting of industry leaders last year. 

The HTMA-SC feels that the new name will be more accurately reflect the direction of the

profession.  The former designation of "Biomedical" seemed to discouraged the participation of

imaging engineers and IT professionals by not representing their names in the title.  We hope that

the new name will encourage membership, participation and information exchange among a much

larger group of people than the current name implies.  It is critical that we begin sharing knowledge

with other related professions to further the cause of patient safety.

The HTMA-SC hopes that other associations follow suit and consider changing their names to a

similar format.  They can then promote this to a wider range of people who have a stake in

medical equipment operation, maintenance and interconnectivity.

Our website will change to very shortly.  Our logo will be modified also to

reflect this new name and expanded emphasis on bringing together the different people involved

in making the technology of a hospital work.


The Board of the HTMA of SC


 SCBA Changes Membership costs and Benefits!21 U.S. Code 360 I - Records and Reports on Devoces.docx

In a Board conference call on March 2, 2012, the Board made some landmark

decisions that should positively affect the SCBA for the future.  The Board

decided that SCBA Individual Membership will be free form this point forward.

This is in anticipation of some valuable additions to the website that will only

be available to members.


In another action, the Board decided that all SCBA corporate members will

have the opportunity to construct an email of their choosing which the SCBA

will send via email blast to all members.  All corporate members will have

this opportunity once per year.  This is seen as a large addition to the benefits

of corporate membership, as the annual cost is only $300.00 per year per

company.  It is hoped that the addition of this benefit will result in more

corporate members and offset the free individual members

The SCBA will be the



Right now, the SCBA is among the smallest of the local biomedical associations in the US,
but we are determined to make it the biggest and the be
st.  How are we going to do this? 

To be the best, we are going to ask what you, our members want and need for their daily job, and then giving it to them.  Do you want monthly meetings in your hometown? 

Do you want a Newsletter?  If so, what do you want in it? 

Do you want educational meetings throughout the year?  If so, what topics?   Do you want an annual Symposium?  If so, what day of the week, and what features are most important - location?  cost?  education available?  socializing?   something else?

To be the biggest, we are going to load our website with unique information that all BMETs
need, wherever they are located.  And we will make it available only to members.  But
here's the catch - membership will be FREE.  

If the Board approves my proposal, membership in the SBCA will become free for all
individuals.  Support of the organization will be through Corporate members.
  Our goal is to
grow the SCBA to become the largest in terms of individual members, and have the
most-visited website  Come along for the ride.  This year is going to be one of much change
and innovation.  We will try the best ideas from around the country, and make up a few of
our own.  We hope that you are there with us.

Send me you ideas, comments and suggestions.

Patrick K. Lynch, CBET, CCE, MBA

President, SCBA


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